Welcome to A Journey With Renesas Synergy!

I’ll be writing about my experiences, successes, failures, tutorials, and random thoughts as I learn about the Renesas Synergy platform.

Please note that this site shouldn’t be considered any kind of authoritative source on any of the topics covered. I am just now learning the Synergy platform. Mistakes will be made (and the mistakes will still be shown, but with the corrections).

This isn’t a “professional” blog. It’s just me writing about my experiences, hopefully some tips & tricks, and a very simple resource for some example code showing just enough to do a specific task => maybe not doing it well, but it will work!

Some Background about me…

All the projects used in this site are also available on GitHub at https://github.com/lycannon/ajwrs


Lesson 001: Basic Blinky
IDE Annoyances
Lesson 002: Blinky with Timers
Lesson 003: UART
Lesson 004: Redirecting printf to UART
Lesson 005: Redirecting printf to UART Part 2
Lesson 006: UART Input
Lesson 007: Redirecting printf to UART Part 3
Lesson 008: Basic ADC
Lesson 009: GPIO Input
Lesson 010: QSPI Flash
Lesson 011: DAC
Lesson 012: Full Peripheral Application


Bosch BME280
AMS Renesas Sensor Board – SSP Configuration
AMS iAQ-Core Indoor Air Quality Sensor
AMS ENS210 Humidity and Temperature Sensor
AMS AS3935 Lightning Sensor (Coming Soon)
AMS TMD3782 Proximity Sensor (Coming Soon)

ThreadX RTOS

RTOS 001: SD-Card