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5 thoughts on “Code on GitHub

  1. Hi , I tried your code with the s7g2 kit .But its not working do have info whats the problem . Used channel 3 and check on hyperlink terminal using serial port in pc

    e2 studio
    /* HAL-only entry function */
    #include “hal_data.h”
    void hal_entry(void)
    // Create a simple message
    uint8_t data[] = “This is a test”;

    // Catch the function call results for debugging
    ssp_err_t openResult;
    ssp_err_t writeResult;

    // Open the UART driver
    openResult = g_uart.p_api->open(g_uart.p_ctrl, g_uart.p_cfg);

    // Send the message data
    writeResult = g_uart.p_api->write(g_uart.p_ctrl, data, 14);


    1. Hi Khawar,

      Thanks for reading the blog!

      Tonight I’ll look at the design documents for the S7G2 and see if I can see something wrong. You may want to carefully look over the configuration screen and make sure all the settings are correct.

      The SCI Channel must have the asynchronous turned on, and although no interrupts are used in this code, they still need to be enabled.

      Could you zip up your project and put it on Dropbox or Google drive so I can look at everything?

      Best of luck,


      1. Thanks alot i figure out the problem now it works great .when i add new thread for uart in threads it aslo adds 2 more blocks named as “g_transfer0 Transfer Driver on r_dtc Event SCI3 TXI”and “g_transfer1 Transfer Driver on r_dtc Event SCI3 RXI” along with “SCI common” if i remove both of them then left with “add DTC Driver for Transmission (Recommended but optional)” and “add DTC Driver for Reception” (Recommended but optional)


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