I’m Back!

It’s been several months since I’ve last worked on the Synergy platform, but my work life has finally slowed down enough that I have the evenings and weekends back to myself.

The latest news since my last post is that Renesas has released a new version of Synergy.

Unfortunately, when logging into the Synergy site to download the latest version, their Release Notes link and Datasheet are the same, and the datasheet does not include a list of changes to the release.

No Change Log?!?! Shame on you Renesas!

One change I do expect however is the code templates that are generated when adding modules. Previously, the example code was using the ThreadX libraries. I now expect them to be based on raw library calls if you are not using ThreadX.

So, after updating using e2studio, it crashed on load… Face Palm!

Deleting the C:\Users\<username>\e2studio folder fixed the crash though.

Then, after firing up e2sutdio and trying to add the UART drivers…they don’t work. Even the default templates fails to build. WTF?

RTFM folks, RTFM. I tried running the Synergy 1.1.0 installer again, and it says it requires e2Studio or greater…sure enough my old e2studio is v4.x. Upgrade time!

So, now that the manual has been read, and all the prerequisites have been met (updating the latest e2studio, the 1.1.0 release works great and it’s time to start coding again!).


3 thoughts on “I’m Back!

    1. Peter,

      Thank you for the updated link. I’ll look over the release notes now and see what’s changed.
      I should also try to build all the old projects and see if there are any compatibility issues between the releases (I doubt there is, but you never know!)


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